Our Name – Our Approach

Blue Sky Marine….. Blue Sky Thinking

We believe there are a lot of businesses and organisations in the marine industry who could benefit by taking a fresh look at themselves. As competitors move on, customers raise their demands, and the economy goes through cycles, inflexible businesses will be left behind. It’s easy enough to sit back and think about how they could change to move towards a better environment. A place where all the customers are delighted, employees are highly motivated and productive, and even the bank manager is happy… A place where the sky is always blue!


In reality, moving towards this new place is hard work, which requires leadership, commitment and control. A bright, positive ‘blue sky’ attitude needs to be maintained, despite the storm clouds dampening enthusiasm and strong winds occasionally forcing a change of course.


Afloat, we cannot control the weather but we can at least make the most of it! Whether entertaining guests, teaching students, or delivering a boat, a cheerful and affable manner improves matters no end (well, most of the time anyway!)

…..Looking on the bright side of life.