Management Services

Blue Sky Marine has the experience and capability to work in a number of different business functions, particularly in customer oriented activities like marketing, sales and service. We have a thorough understanding of how revenue, cost management and hence profitability are essential to sustained growth or, at certain times, simple survival. The importance of all areas of a business working together towards a common goal is central to our thinking.


What this means in practice.

Here are just some of the ways that Blue Sky Marine can enhance an existing business:

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Many businesses make a steady profit by continually working in the same way. In truth, none can say there is no room for improvement. Taking time out to think more about the future would be advantageous, if they knew the best way of going about it. By working through a simple well-proven process, Blue Sky Marine can turn goals and aspirations into realistic, results-focused, action plans

Operational Management

Taking on a job within the business, to create headroom for others to focus on different objectives. Alternatively, to cover periods of absence such as sabbaticals, training courses, long term sickness or maternity leave. Filling a position until a permanent employee is recruited can also be beneficial.

Project Management

To manage or support programmes and projects which require experienced leadership for a finite period. This could be to change or reorganise the business, introduce new systems and processes, or to manage delivery of a large customer contract.


…flexibility, experience, and commitment.